4 Differences Between Termite Prevention And Control

When it comes to following the termite prevention program and termite control solutions, there are a few basic differences that you need to know. When there is an official termite inspection in your premise, you will come to know whether your premise falls under the category of termite prevention or termite control. Read on the differences between the two concepts and make your myths go away.

Termite Control Services

1.The Way The Treatment Will Be Done

The most important point that you need to consider is that, when there has to be a preventive treatment, the solutions might not be that aggressive. It would call for the mild application of preventive treatments. And at the same time, one more check after a while.

On the other hand, when after the termite inspection you know that the problem relating to termites is existing then the control measures will be aggressive. There will be complete dependence upon the Pest Control Service

2.The Way Analysis Has To Be Done

When experts figure out the type of termites during their analysis, they would consider the specific termite control treatment.

On the other hand, when the preventive treatments are concerned, the analysis will be macro. And complete the inspection of the area extended ahead of the premise. If the place already has a specific infestation of termites then follow the right preventive techniques. Thus, there is a difference in the problem analysis.

3.Difference In Approach

When it comes to choosing the approach for pest control, what matters the most is a pest on your premises. If yes, then this has to be solved first. The pest control method for other pests would be the preventive approach for termites.

After the termite inspection, if there are termites in that premise then one should target the solutions. Here is the solution you need to know for fighting off the termites.

4.The Way Environment Is Created

The preventive measures for termite control would create such an environment where things are quite hostile and hence it would become quite tough for the termites or other pests to enter the premises.

For termite control, take direct action towards the removal of the termites and the termites’ colony.

With all these things in detail, you must now be knowing that pest control and termite inspection services play a key role. But, when the problem has already started and has initiated further then termite control solutions have to take the front foot.


One must take up termite inspection first and then there should be relevant steps that would help in the removal and control of the problem. Using the combination of preventive and control techniques can work wonders. Having termites on your premises can be a problematic situation. Try and find the relevant solutions that can keep you on the right track. Termites can not only cause structural damage but can also create issues for the health of your family members. So, hire the best services today.